Help our campaign on data sharing NOW!

  • Have you been on the receiving end of shoddy practices in relation to information sharing?
  • Have medical reports about your child been circulated before you have even seen them?
  • Has information about your child been shared without your consent?
  • Has false/incorrect information been circulated about you and/or your child?
  • Have you been denied access to information about your child?
  • Have you experienced collusion between health and education professionals to undermine your claim for SEN provision for your child?
  • Has your LA tried to change your child's diagnosis or a medical report about their needs?
  • Have LA and NHS professionals attended meetings without your knowledge to discuss your child and prepare their case for Tribunal to your detriment?
  • How has this affected you?

I am involved in a national campaign for lawful information sharing in the SEN process. Your evidence is crucial.

With the help of a leading international law firm, we are putting together evidence of unlawful practices. Your stories will not be shared publicly and any information provided will be kept confidential. We can remove names and addresses. 


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